Inspiring thinkers and powerful words to help you along the way


Websites and Blogs

The Good Life Project: Jonathan Fields and his team are committed to helping you build a good life. Whether its reading his books, listening to conversations with inspiring thinkers via the podcast, or attending camp GLP – The Good Life Project is an incredible resource and major source of inspiration for Joy.Impact.Wealth.

Seth Godin: Seth is a renowned marketing guru, best selling author, and all-around great guy (so I hear). Reading his daily blog is part of my mourning routine and his books have been read by millions.  I love his insights as they vary from tips on business, personal growth, society, and more.

Creatomic: Led by entrepreneur and passionate creative Jon Westenberg, Creatomic is an online magazine for people that want to change their lives and the world around them. The articles, podcasts, and guides they produce are top notch and cover anything from becoming your best self to growing your business.

Powerful Written Words

Unbusy: A Manifesto: An incredible read on the dangers of living a reactive life and ideas on how we can all rebel against the business that invades our lives.

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring About What Other People Think: A hilarious and insightful exploration into why we obsess about what others think, the harm it can do, and the power of listening to your authentic voice.

A Letter from Hunter S. Thompson on The Meaning of Life: An insightful, humble, and inspiring perspective on the meaning of life from one of my favorite authors and leaders.


Insight Timer: I love this free meditation app. It has a great collection of guided meditations and a timer if you prefer to meditate in silence. I use this app every time I meditate.

Headspace: This is the best way to get started meditating that I’ve found. Strongly suggested for newbies and those that enjoy quality, consistent guided meditations.